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Drop dead, gorgeous March 2, 2010

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Funny how much difference a comma can make. For example, “drop dead gorgeous” and “drop dead, gorgeous” are two entirely different phrases. The first describes a lot of MCs and/or LIs. The second is what I’d like these characters to do.


I’m not beautiful. A lot of people aren’t. I know I’m not, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that we can’t all be supermodels. It drives me nuts when authors can’t seem to realize that. Sure, that doesn’t mean that the characters have to be disgustingly ugly, either. There is no such thing as ugly. But there is such a thing as average looking.


Maybe I’m just being whiny, but I just can’t stand it when the perfect MC has all the other characters drooling over him/her, or when the MC is always drooling over the flawless LI. PEOPLE AREN’T PERFECT. Some might be really good looking, and great at everything they try, but never perfect.


I guess the purpose of this post is not only to rant a bit, but to remind all of you writers that perfect characters just come off as really fake. Stop for a minute and think. Is your character flawed? Then s/he is real. Congratulations. If one of your characters is gorgeous, talented, and nothing but virtuous, then go back and try again.


a serving of music with a side of inspiring lyrics February 24, 2010

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“Why are we waiting on someone else to tell us how it should be, I’ve all ready found it, and God didn’t tell me to waste these dreams”

  • Let’s Go Back, Everyday Sunday


Has this ever happened to you: you’ve listened to a song a million times, but you’ve never exactly realized what certain lyrics really meant or how they affected you? Well, I had one of those moments the other day. I was listening to this song, when BAM it hit me. And so here I am to tell you guys how these lyrics inspired me to– Well, this is getting boring, let’s just get on with it.


Okay, so how many of us are waiting to be told how things should be, what we should do? Why should we be expecting someone else to tell us who we should be? We’re the only ones who can know what we want, what we can do and what we can’t. If I want to be a writer, I’m not going to pursue a career in medicine just because someone thinks I should be a doctor. If I want to be a doctor, I’m not going to write a novel if I’m not good at it. If you want to be a writer, if you want to write a best-selling book, stop listening to those who say that you can’t do it, that you’ll never make it. They have no idea what they’re talking about.


Whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t really matter because it’s a song, so no whining about the name offending you or anything. The point is, if you have dreams go out and make them come true! We’ve all got dreams, we all want to do something with our lives. Something big, something meaningful. If you dream of being an amazing writer, don’t waste that dream! Pursue it, make it happen. And if all else fails, at least you know that you tried your very best, you gave it your all. Nobody can take that away from you, anymore than they can keep you from dreaming big.


Let me share another snip from that song (I love this song, is it too obvious?), “So tell me what you are and I’ll tell you you’re so much more than anything you thought that you could be”. Now for some more word dissecting (guaranteed to be less icky and much more sanitary than frog dissecting!) We each have a perspective of ourselves, and at times we think that maybe we aren’t that great after all, our dialogue sucks, the characters aren’t realistic, the MC has no personality… Give yourself a break! Ask anyone, and if they really know you they won’t hesitate to remind you how awesome you are. Trust me, you ARE awesome, don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t.


So I hope this was as inspirational to you as it was to me, and here’s a link to the song on youtube if you’re interested. Now get out there and write!!


~Mae (pretending to know what she’s talking about)


Teaser Tuesday, as per usual February 23, 2010

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This is something that I’d written out perfectly in my mind a long time ago, but unfortunately my memory sucks and therefore I forgot it. *headdesk* So this is my (lame) attempt to get it how it was in my head, but it’s just not the same. Enjoy anyway!




I was huffing when I finally reached the bridge. My steps slowed when I reached the top, and I came to a complete stop next to the broken bench. I dropped my backpack the ground, covering the large oil stain on the sidewalk. Left foot parallel to the H.Y. in the heart carved on the wall, right foot aligning with the M.F. The plus sign between the initials rubbed against my belly button as I leaned over the short concrete wall.


Water rushed past, under the bridge and towards… wherever it went. Dark and murky, it crashed against the beams that supported the bridge and slammed into the sides of the riverbed. Noisy, wild, free. I loved it.


A leaf blew into the river, and it was immediately enveloped by the dark liquid, dragged away by the current. Consumed, so easily. The broken bench creaked as I climbed onto it, but within moments I was on the wall. I sat, watching my feet dangle carelessly over the water.


It would be so easy. Just let go, and it would all be over. Jump, and I would never have to worry about anything ever again. If I was lucky, I’d be with Mom, and the part of Dad she had taken with her. No more boyfriends who dumped you if you shed a tear or two, no more friends who don’t act like friends, no more nothing. It would be over, all over.


So easy, so easy. Shakily, I got on my feet. Just a small step, and I’d be free, free, free. The water splashed and turned the word over and over in my head. Free, free, free. I watched another leaf disappear into the river, lost forever. I gulped and tightened my hold on the beam that anchored me to the bridge, to life. Forever was an awfully long time. Was I willing to just disappear, forever?


I shook my head violently from side to side to clear it, my hair getting even messier than usual. A cool breeze blew against my face, bringing me out of my melancholic daze. No, I wouldn’t be free today. At least not this way.


A jolt rushed up my spine as I thumped back onto the wall, sitting again. The water seemed to have slowed, and now it rumbled gently by, a swift but steady flow beneath my sneakers. I kicked my heels against the hard concrete of the wall, sculpted and painted by the weather. The breeze danced around me, and I breathed it in. Its freshness sent hope tumbling through my body, and I smiled my first real smile of the day.


teeeeeeeeeeeeeease February 16, 2010

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“So, what do you think, Samantha?” Lora’s shrill voice interrupted my trip down memory lane. I blinked a few times, as though waking up from a dream.


“What?” I asked. I had no idea what Lora was talking about, or what she wanted my opinion of. Her mouth twitched into a thin line, a sure sign that she was annoyed.


“Weren’t you paying attention?” She asked, and I avoided answering by stuffing my mouth with sandwich. “I wanted to know if you think I should go to the movies with Jake, or wait and go to the fair.”


“Why not both?” I answered, and then I really heard her question.


The fair. Gabriel had invited me to the fair. I had gone shopping with Lora and Megan, and I got a cute, fun dress, perfect for the occasion. For a flitting second I wondered if it was too late to return it. Had I kept the receipt?


I heard Megan hissing angrily at Lora, something about being more insensitive than usual. White noise drowned out their arguing voices. A thousand bees buzzed through my head, a swarm of wasps stung my mind. My stomach rolled like a stormy sea. I clasped my hands over my mouth, nausea threatening to overwhelm me.


“You okay?” Megan asked, gently setting her hand on my shoulder. The gesture should have comforted me, but instead I shuddered. What kind of trick question was this? Of course I wasn’t okay. Not at all. Lora’s wide eyes stared at me, filled with concern, peeking from around Megan’s head. She was scared. Scared of me, her best friend since third grade.


“No,” I answered in a hoarse whisper. Megan and Lora exchanged a look, then leaned in closer. They hadn’t heard. I repeated it, louder. “No, I’m not okay.”


Megan gave a little nod, as though she wasn’t surprised. She moved closer to me and wrapped her arm around my shoulder in a loose hug. Lora kept staring at me with those terrified eyes of hers. Wimp.


teaser tuesday… again February 9, 2010

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Yeah, it’s that time of the week again. I know that lately I haven’t really posted anything other than teasers, and I’m trying to figure out what else I could do. Maybe I’ll try to offer some kind of advice, not that I have enough experience to really be telling anybody what to do. Anyway, enjoy another teaser from SML!

BTW, the picture doesn’t really have anything to do with the snip. I was just looking through some photos and this reminded me of Sam :)



“Samantha, right?”


Surprised, I sat straight up, almost slamming into the seat in front of me. I heard a soft chuckle to my right, and I turned. It was a boy I had seen once or twice in the halls at school, but I didn’t remember ever speaking to him. Golden ringlets made him look like paintings of angels or cherubs, and the way his blue eyes twinkled with his smile made me want to grin, too. Instead I glared at him.


“You shouldn’t do that,” I grumbled, settling back into the chair. “Couldn’t you see I was trying to catch a quick nap before we get to school?”


“Sorry,” he muttered, but he didn’t sound sorry. He sounded sarcastic and annoyed. I didn’t care.


For a few blissful seconds I thought he had decided to leave me alone, but then he spoke up again. “So, it is Samantha?”


I resisted the urge to slap him. Instead, I grumbled a reply. “Yes, that’s my name. Now, please be quiet!”


“Samantha,” he murmured to himself. Weirdo. I fell asleep before he could say anything more to me.


teaser wednesday? February 4, 2010

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I missed teaser tuesday yesterday, but here I am today! Enjoy this first snippet of Save My Life!



I glared at my reflection. My hair needed to be cut, it hung in uneven clumps over thin shoulders. Straight as a stick and dark, almost black. Maybe it was black. It fell over my face, making it look even more gaunt. My nose was too small, my gray eyes too big, my skin too pale. My lips parted in a grimace, revealing braces. Disgusting train tracks over my teeth, chaining them in place. Yuck.


I wrestled my hair into a knot at the back of my head, wondering when I had started judging my appearance like this. Sure, I’d never considered myself beautiful, but I had never really thought I was ugly, either. I found the lip gloss Maryanne had given me under my bed and ran it over my lips. Better? Maybe.


The clock said I was running ten minutes late already, so I opened the closet and threw on the first thing my hands touched. A faded green skirt and a pink blouse that hardly matched, but I couldn’t be picky now. My sneakers were where I had left them, in a jumble by the door, and I grabbed them on my way out.


My socked feet sounded muffled on the wooden steps, which was good because Dad would not be happy if I woke him up before noon. When I reached the kitchen, I gulped down some orange juice while I tied my shoelaces before remembering my backpack, still in my room. I ran back up, mouth full of toast, and found my stuff. After tossing it all in my backpack I started towards the stairs again, hesitating by Dad’s door. Silence. Perfect.


I crammed the rest of the toast into my mouth and checked the clock again. So late, too late. I dumped my dished in the sink, hoping Dad wouldn’t be too angry. Without bothering to brush my teeth I raced out towards the bus stop. I could see the big yellow bus turning the corner, and I ran faster. Panting, I was the last one up the steps. I plopped down in the first empty seat I found, barely noticing who was next to me. I set my backpack by my feet and leaned back, closing my eyes. I was so sleepy.


tuesday is teaser day! January 27, 2010

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It’s that time of week again! Today I bring some old stuff, cause I’ve been slacking off in the writing department a bit. Anyway, enjoy!



I groaned as the bed shook slightly. Probably my mom trying to wake me before she left for work. Wiping my bleary eyes, I rolled over again and sat up. The first thing I saw was a pair of deep green eyes, staring at me from only a few inches away.


“Aaagh!” I screamed. I didn’t shout, I didn’t yell. I screamed.


Piper burst into hysterical laughter, literally rolling on the floor. Recovering from the scare she had given me, I rolled my eyes at her and looked around. I wasn’t in the hotel restaurant anymore, but in what was probably one of the rooms. The sun streamed in through a window behind Piper, with curtains tied out of the way. There was a small chest of drawers in one corner, and two doors that probably lead to the bathroom and the hallway. The carpet and wallpaper were pale colors and rather plain, unlike in the restaurant.


I pushed the thick quilt off of my legs and stood, stretching. Jeans were really uncomfortable to sleep in, though the mattress had more than made up for it. I sat back down on the bed, just to enjoy the feel of sinking into the softness. Piper was still giggling on the floor, and I nudged her with my socked foot. She sat up and managed to suppress her laughter.


“Oh man, that was great,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes again. “I don’t think even I can scream like that.”


“Whatever,” I said, but I felt heat creeping into my face. “How did I get here? I thought I fell asleep while we were eating.”


“You did,” Piper said, then smirked mischievously. “And you certainly ate a lot. You really don’t look as heavy as you are.”


I groaned, knowing my face was beet red by now. Laughing quietly to herself, Piper got to her feet. She reached into a corner and grabbed my sneakers, then tossed them to me.


“Hurry, I want to get going early.”


“Where are we going?” I asked, shoving my foot into my dusty shoe. I glanced back up at Piper and realized that she wasn’t wearing her tattered sundress anymore. Instead she had on a pink t-shirt, with faded jeans and a pair of purple high top sneakers. I felt a corner of my mouth twist upwards. “I’m no A-plus student, but I’m pretty sure that’s not historically accurate.”


Piper’s brow furrowed, and she looked down at her outfit. “Why are you so concerned with history here? There is no history. It’s my world. There’s only me, past, present, and future. Me, me, me, me–” Piper had been pacing back and forth as she talked, and now she halted between the two doors and turned back to me. A smile flickered over her features. “But now there’s you, too. Now you, Jeremy Simmons, are history.”