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Imagine Literary Magazine January 7, 2010

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A fellow Twiftie from AW, Choco, recently created her own lit magazine! Yay! Also, she accepted a short story I submitted, and “The Sugar Plum Fairy” will be featured in the upcoming January issue. Double yay! Get it here, now! Hurry!

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blabberings December 17, 2009

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Today I realized how thankful I am that I did NaNoWriMo. Before NaNo, I literally never got past the first page on anything. I rewrote every sentence five times in one sitting, then the next time I got back I’d read over it, delete it all and start again. Over and over and over and over… But now, after (winning!) NaNo, I can finally just sit down and WRITE! I’m still pretty easily distracted and a major procrastinator, but even so I’m getting a lot more done than I used to. So to anyone reading this, do NaNo 2010 if only to teach yourself to JUST WRITE. It’s the most important skill for any writer, IMO.



hullo December 16, 2009

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It might be a while (maybe never) before anybody actually reads this little blog. You can call me Mae, I’m a 15 year old writer who hopes to eventually become a published author. I already have an LJ, but that’s not really for my novel writing. I made this blog partly so that I might join the TWFT (teens writing for teens) site and partly because I always have random stuff to say about my current WIP, whatever it is at the time. So if anybody is reading this, check in to find all kinds of ramblings about characters, plot, and other such things.