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Teaser Tuesday (Jan 18) January 18, 2011

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From my latest WIP, Nineteen Stories



Half an hour later I had somehow gotten to the hospital without moving. Mark was in the emergency room, Liam was talking on his phone -no, my phone- somewhere down the hall. And I was just sitting there, stiffer than the cold plastic of the chair. My hands were folded awkwardly in my lap and my eyes stared at them. A chill rushed down my spine when I recognize the tiles under my feet. I’m almost one hundred percent sure this is the exact same seat I sat in last time I was here.


“Hey,” Liam said, plopping down into the spot next to me. He held my phone out to me. One of my hands reached out and took it, then returns to its position in my lap. “I called your brother. He freaked out, of course, but once I told him what the doctors said about everything working out fine he kind of calmed down. Anyway, he’s coming as fast as he can.”


My brain is on autopilot. I nodded and wrapped my fingers tighter around the cool metal of my cell.


Liam held out a small muffin wrapped in clear plastic film. “I got you something at the cafeteria. Thought the stress might have made you hungry.”


When did he go to the cafeteria? When did he get my phone? Is there anything else that I missed, sitting right here with my eyes wide shut?



after a loooong hiatus… June 15, 2010

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Wow, I haven’t posted anything in longer than forever! To express my sincerest apologies, have a snip from my new WIP (again, I know) “The People Watcher”, in which a new character is introduced. Enjoy!



Imogen Cait, daughter of the Lord and Lady of Fernst, rode up in an elegant coach. A footman helped her down, and several others carried the half dozen trunks of her belongings. She walked up to the door as if she were in a parade, smiling widely and holding her fancy pink dress off the ground. The golden hair that the Caits were known for hung in dainty ringlets around her pale face, a touch of makeup making her dark eyes stand out even more.


Her bubbly personality and happy mask would never show it, but inside she was heartbroken. Even though her parents treated her the same as they did her siblings, Imogen knew she was a disappointment. The Lord and Lady were some of the best musicians in Fernst, and their children had inherited the gift. Except for Imogen, of course. It tore her apart every time she saw her parents perform with her two brothers and three sisters. They always had such fun together, without her.


Nobody knew any of that, though, nor would anyone ever know. Imogen cleared her head of such depressing thoughts and walked up the steps to the girls’ quarters. She had her footmen set her things by the first bed, then walked into the library. There was a girl sitting by the window, her wavy reddish brown hair tied loosely in a yellow ribbon.


“Hi! Isn’t this place lovely? So quaint and rustic and adorable! I love it already. I’m Imogen, by the way. Yes, I am a Lady, but just because you’re probably a beggar off the streets doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! We’ll have so much fun, I just know it. Oh, what’s your name?”


Imogen paused to catch her breath. Harper just stared at her for a beat before realizing it was her turn. She breathed on the window, then wrote her name in the fog. Imogen read it and looked perplexed for a moment before launching into another speech.


“Harper? Why can’t you just tell me? Can’t you talk? Wait, that’s a stupid question, if you can’t talk you can’t answer it. Ooh, I just remembered about that time for my mother’s birthday when Daddy hired this juggler that couldn’t speak, but he could spell things out in the air. He wrote ‘happy birthday’ with fruit and then he juggled a piece at each of us. I got a banana, but I wanted a pear. Pears are amazing, don’t you think? Green is such a lovely color. I hear in Grotcha all you can see is green. Imagine that. I want to go there, have you ever been? Last summer we went to the beach at Emsyu, it was amazing…”


teaser tuesdays make for dull post titles April 6, 2010

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Back! Finally, it’s been like forever. Anyway, this is from a new WIP, titled ‘Adventures of the Unaverage’. I’ve always wanted to write a series of short stories to post online, just for fun. After about a million failed ideas, I think this is The One! No, not that The One, the other The One. So, enjoy this snip, and hopefully you can read the rest soon!




Ding! Ding!


My phone. I had a new message, and it could only be from one person. Pretending to still listen to my mom while she rambled on about the difference between cinnamon and nutmeg, I slipped my cell out of my pocket and opened the text. Sure enough, it was from Wolf.


“Mom? I have to leave now.”


“Right now?” she asked, forgetting about the cake for a minute. “But sweetie, why?”


“An old friend of mine is having a family emergency,” I said. It wasn’t exactly a lie, really.


“This late at night?” Mom asked, her eyes wide with concern. I smiled.


“Yeah, emergencies don’t seem too big on waiting for a decent hour.”


“Funny things, aren’t they? Hey, why don’t you take your friend some of these cookies?”


Before I could protest Mom was shoving a container full of sugar cookies into my hands. I thanked her while trying to escape to the hall. As soon as I turned the corner and was out of her sight, the over-decorated walls faded and instead a messy room appeared. Family photos were replaced by posters, and the smell of too much air freshener became week old pizza. Ew.


“Wolf?” I asked, covering my nose. A startled cry made me jump. I spun and found Wolf sitting at his desk, glaring at me.


“Was it completely necessary to sneak up on me like that?” he asked, sounding more amused than annoyed.


“If you’d like, I could take the train instead. It would take me a few hours longer to get here, though,” I teased. “Oh, by the way, Mom sent cookies.”


I put the container on his desk and he eagerly opened it. “Your Mom is the best. Okay, all is forgiven. Okay, check this out.”


The Book of Everything was open to a page featuring a news article about some tourists who said they heard the Great Sphinx laugh. I started reading over his shoulder, but Wolf quickly got impatient and explained the situation.


“So I was heading to bed and I wanted something good to read. I opened the Book, and I got this article. Most people seem to think the tourists who heard it are crazy, but you and I know better.”


“Of course I know better, I can freaking teleport,” I said, rolling my eyes.


“Yeah. Anyway, I checked the Book and as far as I can tell this is Frank Peters, he can become any inanimate object. He’s been known to throw around a few world domination threats, and apparently he found an object big enough that he thinks he can do some damage by being it.”


“Wait, you’re saying that this Frank person is somehow the Great Sphinx?”


“Yeah. So, you up for a quick trip to Egypt?”


“You know, sometimes I feel like a human taxi cab,” I sighed. “Come on, let’s go stop a huge, possessed statue. This should be fun.”


such a tease March 2, 2010

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That time of week again! Today, the teaser is part of my WIP newly titled “The Salvation Letters”. This is the first of those letters. Enjoy!




Dear Samantha,


I can’t believe it. I just can’t. I saw you yesterday, you were fine. We ate lunch together. And now you’re gone. Forever. Wow.


I just don’t understand why you did it. I mean, I’m your best friend! If anyone knew why, it would be me. But now I realize that I was a pretty sucky friend.


Sure, we used to hang out a lot. Remember when we watched that movie ten times in a row, and almost didn’t get out of the mall before closing time? We got into huge trouble, but that’s still my favorite movie. Oh, and remember that time in sixth grade when we didn’t talk to each other for a month because of Todd Anderson? Turned out he didn’t like either of us. Those were the days.


What happened to us? I didn’t even realize how far apart we had drifted. Now it’s too late. Ugh, I can’t believe I let you wither away while I blabbed about every stupid thing on the planet. I should have been listening to you. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if I’d just shut up for a few minutes.


I wish I could ask you to forgive me, but that would be stupid. I mean, you’re dead. Why am I even writing to you? Probably something psychological, a coping method or something. Whatever it’s called, it’s kind of pointless. Or not. Maybe in a few years I’ll read this letter and it will help me make some important decision or be a better person. Maybe I’ll lose it, throw it away. I don’t know.


One thing is for sure: when, or if, I find a new best friend, I won’t ever let them go. If they seem the slightest bit sad I’ll make them spill the beans so I can help them. Yeah, that sounds good. Me, Lora Hills, saving the world. Saving lives, making up for losing one. I’m sorry.


That’s basically why I’m writing this, isn’t it? I’m sorry, Samantha, I’m so sorry. I can’t even begin to describe it, I feel like someone reached into me and ripped out part of my soul, my heart. Me, I’m the one who did it. I’ve done this to myself by letting you down. I did it to everyone, every single person who’s hurting now that you’re gone. Oh God, I’m a monster. Samantha, forgive me, wherever you are, I’m begging you.


You’re dead, I know. But others aren’t, not yet. I won’t let anyone leave me, not ever again. But you’re gone, and I need to stop this. Writing to dead people? Probably not healthy. So this is it, huh?


I’m sorry.


Thank you.


I love you.


I loved you.


Good bye.




Teaser Tuesday, as per usual February 23, 2010

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This is something that I’d written out perfectly in my mind a long time ago, but unfortunately my memory sucks and therefore I forgot it. *headdesk* So this is my (lame) attempt to get it how it was in my head, but it’s just not the same. Enjoy anyway!




I was huffing when I finally reached the bridge. My steps slowed when I reached the top, and I came to a complete stop next to the broken bench. I dropped my backpack the ground, covering the large oil stain on the sidewalk. Left foot parallel to the H.Y. in the heart carved on the wall, right foot aligning with the M.F. The plus sign between the initials rubbed against my belly button as I leaned over the short concrete wall.


Water rushed past, under the bridge and towards… wherever it went. Dark and murky, it crashed against the beams that supported the bridge and slammed into the sides of the riverbed. Noisy, wild, free. I loved it.


A leaf blew into the river, and it was immediately enveloped by the dark liquid, dragged away by the current. Consumed, so easily. The broken bench creaked as I climbed onto it, but within moments I was on the wall. I sat, watching my feet dangle carelessly over the water.


It would be so easy. Just let go, and it would all be over. Jump, and I would never have to worry about anything ever again. If I was lucky, I’d be with Mom, and the part of Dad she had taken with her. No more boyfriends who dumped you if you shed a tear or two, no more friends who don’t act like friends, no more nothing. It would be over, all over.


So easy, so easy. Shakily, I got on my feet. Just a small step, and I’d be free, free, free. The water splashed and turned the word over and over in my head. Free, free, free. I watched another leaf disappear into the river, lost forever. I gulped and tightened my hold on the beam that anchored me to the bridge, to life. Forever was an awfully long time. Was I willing to just disappear, forever?


I shook my head violently from side to side to clear it, my hair getting even messier than usual. A cool breeze blew against my face, bringing me out of my melancholic daze. No, I wouldn’t be free today. At least not this way.


A jolt rushed up my spine as I thumped back onto the wall, sitting again. The water seemed to have slowed, and now it rumbled gently by, a swift but steady flow beneath my sneakers. I kicked my heels against the hard concrete of the wall, sculpted and painted by the weather. The breeze danced around me, and I breathed it in. Its freshness sent hope tumbling through my body, and I smiled my first real smile of the day.


teeeeeeeeeeeeeease February 16, 2010

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“So, what do you think, Samantha?” Lora’s shrill voice interrupted my trip down memory lane. I blinked a few times, as though waking up from a dream.


“What?” I asked. I had no idea what Lora was talking about, or what she wanted my opinion of. Her mouth twitched into a thin line, a sure sign that she was annoyed.


“Weren’t you paying attention?” She asked, and I avoided answering by stuffing my mouth with sandwich. “I wanted to know if you think I should go to the movies with Jake, or wait and go to the fair.”


“Why not both?” I answered, and then I really heard her question.


The fair. Gabriel had invited me to the fair. I had gone shopping with Lora and Megan, and I got a cute, fun dress, perfect for the occasion. For a flitting second I wondered if it was too late to return it. Had I kept the receipt?


I heard Megan hissing angrily at Lora, something about being more insensitive than usual. White noise drowned out their arguing voices. A thousand bees buzzed through my head, a swarm of wasps stung my mind. My stomach rolled like a stormy sea. I clasped my hands over my mouth, nausea threatening to overwhelm me.


“You okay?” Megan asked, gently setting her hand on my shoulder. The gesture should have comforted me, but instead I shuddered. What kind of trick question was this? Of course I wasn’t okay. Not at all. Lora’s wide eyes stared at me, filled with concern, peeking from around Megan’s head. She was scared. Scared of me, her best friend since third grade.


“No,” I answered in a hoarse whisper. Megan and Lora exchanged a look, then leaned in closer. They hadn’t heard. I repeated it, louder. “No, I’m not okay.”


Megan gave a little nod, as though she wasn’t surprised. She moved closer to me and wrapped her arm around my shoulder in a loose hug. Lora kept staring at me with those terrified eyes of hers. Wimp.


teaser tuesday… again February 9, 2010

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Yeah, it’s that time of the week again. I know that lately I haven’t really posted anything other than teasers, and I’m trying to figure out what else I could do. Maybe I’ll try to offer some kind of advice, not that I have enough experience to really be telling anybody what to do. Anyway, enjoy another teaser from SML!

BTW, the picture doesn’t really have anything to do with the snip. I was just looking through some photos and this reminded me of Sam :)



“Samantha, right?”


Surprised, I sat straight up, almost slamming into the seat in front of me. I heard a soft chuckle to my right, and I turned. It was a boy I had seen once or twice in the halls at school, but I didn’t remember ever speaking to him. Golden ringlets made him look like paintings of angels or cherubs, and the way his blue eyes twinkled with his smile made me want to grin, too. Instead I glared at him.


“You shouldn’t do that,” I grumbled, settling back into the chair. “Couldn’t you see I was trying to catch a quick nap before we get to school?”


“Sorry,” he muttered, but he didn’t sound sorry. He sounded sarcastic and annoyed. I didn’t care.


For a few blissful seconds I thought he had decided to leave me alone, but then he spoke up again. “So, it is Samantha?”


I resisted the urge to slap him. Instead, I grumbled a reply. “Yes, that’s my name. Now, please be quiet!”


“Samantha,” he murmured to himself. Weirdo. I fell asleep before he could say anything more to me.