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rawr write January 15, 2010

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A rawr write (if I understand correctly) is when you write as much as you can in ten minutes. If I’m wrong, then I did a… ten-minute write, okay? Anyway, here is my rather pathetically short -261 words- rawr write. Enjoy!


spacety space

“Can we… Can we ride them?” I asked Piper tentatively. I’d never ridden a horse before, but it should be easy, right?

why won’t paragraphs split correctly

Piper seemed to read my mind. “Sure, that’s what we were going to do anyway. And don’t worry, they’re easy as pie to ride. This is my world, after all, and I tried to make it as perfect as possible.”

it’s so annoying

She hopped down and swung the door to Traitor’s stall open, and the giant horse obediently waited. Piper motioned for me to get on, but I hesitated. How was I supposed to climb on? Piper rolled her eyes at my questioning look and pointed to the partition she had been sitting on.

to have to do this

“Climb on there, then you can jump onto Traitor,” she said in the exasperated voice usually used with young children or very old people.

at least it’s slitghly fun

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I easily made my way up, using the space between slats of wood like rungs in a ladder. From there I carefully swung my body onto Traitor’s wide back, grabbing onto his mane and holding on for dear life. Piper rolled her eyes at me again, and I relaxed my grip. She opened the door of Daphne’s stall and hopped on. The mare trotted out of the barn and stopped just outside the gate, turning in a half circle so Piper could look at me. She was waiting for me to follow, but I wasn’t sure how.

to come up with these bits

Gingerly I squeezed my legs against Traitor’s sides like I’d read about. Nothing happened. I tried again, and again Traitor didn’t move.