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after a loooong hiatus… June 15, 2010

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Wow, I haven’t posted anything in longer than forever! To express my sincerest apologies, have a snip from my new WIP (again, I know) “The People Watcher”, in which a new character is introduced. Enjoy!



Imogen Cait, daughter of the Lord and Lady of Fernst, rode up in an elegant coach. A footman helped her down, and several others carried the half dozen trunks of her belongings. She walked up to the door as if she were in a parade, smiling widely and holding her fancy pink dress off the ground. The golden hair that the Caits were known for hung in dainty ringlets around her pale face, a touch of makeup making her dark eyes stand out even more.


Her bubbly personality and happy mask would never show it, but inside she was heartbroken. Even though her parents treated her the same as they did her siblings, Imogen knew she was a disappointment. The Lord and Lady were some of the best musicians in Fernst, and their children had inherited the gift. Except for Imogen, of course. It tore her apart every time she saw her parents perform with her two brothers and three sisters. They always had such fun together, without her.


Nobody knew any of that, though, nor would anyone ever know. Imogen cleared her head of such depressing thoughts and walked up the steps to the girls’ quarters. She had her footmen set her things by the first bed, then walked into the library. There was a girl sitting by the window, her wavy reddish brown hair tied loosely in a yellow ribbon.


“Hi! Isn’t this place lovely? So quaint and rustic and adorable! I love it already. I’m Imogen, by the way. Yes, I am a Lady, but just because you’re probably a beggar off the streets doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! We’ll have so much fun, I just know it. Oh, what’s your name?”


Imogen paused to catch her breath. Harper just stared at her for a beat before realizing it was her turn. She breathed on the window, then wrote her name in the fog. Imogen read it and looked perplexed for a moment before launching into another speech.


“Harper? Why can’t you just tell me? Can’t you talk? Wait, that’s a stupid question, if you can’t talk you can’t answer it. Ooh, I just remembered about that time for my mother’s birthday when Daddy hired this juggler that couldn’t speak, but he could spell things out in the air. He wrote ‘happy birthday’ with fruit and then he juggled a piece at each of us. I got a banana, but I wanted a pear. Pears are amazing, don’t you think? Green is such a lovely color. I hear in Grotcha all you can see is green. Imagine that. I want to go there, have you ever been? Last summer we went to the beach at Emsyu, it was amazing…”


3 Responses to “after a loooong hiatus…”

  1. I really like this WIP. I love your narrative. And your dialogue too. You have a great balance … I’m jealous! haha

  2. Bri Says:

    Heh, I LOVED Imogen’s speeches. So funny!

  3. Ellen Says:

    I love how over-the-top spoiled-rich-girl Imogen seems here :) The dialogue is really funny (though I don’t know that Imogen would realize it’s funny… hehe)

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