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teaser tuesdays make for dull post titles April 6, 2010

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Back! Finally, it’s been like forever. Anyway, this is from a new WIP, titled ‘Adventures of the Unaverage’. I’ve always wanted to write a series of short stories to post online, just for fun. After about a million failed ideas, I think this is The One! No, not that The One, the other The One. So, enjoy this snip, and hopefully you can read the rest soon!




Ding! Ding!


My phone. I had a new message, and it could only be from one person. Pretending to still listen to my mom while she rambled on about the difference between cinnamon and nutmeg, I slipped my cell out of my pocket and opened the text. Sure enough, it was from Wolf.


“Mom? I have to leave now.”


“Right now?” she asked, forgetting about the cake for a minute. “But sweetie, why?”


“An old friend of mine is having a family emergency,” I said. It wasn’t exactly a lie, really.


“This late at night?” Mom asked, her eyes wide with concern. I smiled.


“Yeah, emergencies don’t seem too big on waiting for a decent hour.”


“Funny things, aren’t they? Hey, why don’t you take your friend some of these cookies?”


Before I could protest Mom was shoving a container full of sugar cookies into my hands. I thanked her while trying to escape to the hall. As soon as I turned the corner and was out of her sight, the over-decorated walls faded and instead a messy room appeared. Family photos were replaced by posters, and the smell of too much air freshener became week old pizza. Ew.


“Wolf?” I asked, covering my nose. A startled cry made me jump. I spun and found Wolf sitting at his desk, glaring at me.


“Was it completely necessary to sneak up on me like that?” he asked, sounding more amused than annoyed.


“If you’d like, I could take the train instead. It would take me a few hours longer to get here, though,” I teased. “Oh, by the way, Mom sent cookies.”


I put the container on his desk and he eagerly opened it. “Your Mom is the best. Okay, all is forgiven. Okay, check this out.”


The Book of Everything was open to a page featuring a news article about some tourists who said they heard the Great Sphinx laugh. I started reading over his shoulder, but Wolf quickly got impatient and explained the situation.


“So I was heading to bed and I wanted something good to read. I opened the Book, and I got this article. Most people seem to think the tourists who heard it are crazy, but you and I know better.”


“Of course I know better, I can freaking teleport,” I said, rolling my eyes.


“Yeah. Anyway, I checked the Book and as far as I can tell this is Frank Peters, he can become any inanimate object. He’s been known to throw around a few world domination threats, and apparently he found an object big enough that he thinks he can do some damage by being it.”


“Wait, you’re saying that this Frank person is somehow the Great Sphinx?”


“Yeah. So, you up for a quick trip to Egypt?”


“You know, sometimes I feel like a human taxi cab,” I sighed. “Come on, let’s go stop a huge, possessed statue. This should be fun.”


6 Responses to “teaser tuesdays make for dull post titles”

  1. Kaitlin Says:

    What a cool teaser! I really enjoyed it :)
    Especially when she was snarky with her mom.

  2. I have that “This is the one” problem ALL THE TIME. Here’s hoping it really is :)

  3. Ink Says:

    Your creativity with this story just astounds me. I find it quirky and awesome and I love it.

    Also, I’m totally a victim of the “this is the one” problem. We should start a club or something, lol.

  4. maenadwrites Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    @Kaitlin: Snark is fun. Don’t tell my mom I said that.

    @Sage: Same here, curse my horrible lack of attention span!

    @Ink: Yes!! I was totally aiming for creative, I’m so happy I got it. Also, the club sounds awesome.

  5. Becca Says:

    Love the originality of this! I want to take a trip to Egypt! *pouts* <33

  6. bethany Says:

    I really liked this, sounds like a very interesting story. (and I always argue that teleportation would be the BEST super power)

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