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a serving of music with a side of inspiring lyrics February 24, 2010

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“Why are we waiting on someone else to tell us how it should be, I’ve all ready found it, and God didn’t tell me to waste these dreams”

  • Let’s Go Back, Everyday Sunday


Has this ever happened to you: you’ve listened to a song a million times, but you’ve never exactly realized what certain lyrics really meant or how they affected you? Well, I had one of those moments the other day. I was listening to this song, when BAM it hit me. And so here I am to tell you guys how these lyrics inspired me to– Well, this is getting boring, let’s just get on with it.


Okay, so how many of us are waiting to be told how things should be, what we should do? Why should we be expecting someone else to tell us who we should be? We’re the only ones who can know what we want, what we can do and what we can’t. If I want to be a writer, I’m not going to pursue a career in medicine just because someone thinks I should be a doctor. If I want to be a doctor, I’m not going to write a novel if I’m not good at it. If you want to be a writer, if you want to write a best-selling book, stop listening to those who say that you can’t do it, that you’ll never make it. They have no idea what they’re talking about.


Whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t really matter because it’s a song, so no whining about the name offending you or anything. The point is, if you have dreams go out and make them come true! We’ve all got dreams, we all want to do something with our lives. Something big, something meaningful. If you dream of being an amazing writer, don’t waste that dream! Pursue it, make it happen. And if all else fails, at least you know that you tried your very best, you gave it your all. Nobody can take that away from you, anymore than they can keep you from dreaming big.


Let me share another snip from that song (I love this song, is it too obvious?), “So tell me what you are and I’ll tell you you’re so much more than anything you thought that you could be”. Now for some more word dissecting (guaranteed to be less icky and much more sanitary than frog dissecting!) We each have a perspective of ourselves, and at times we think that maybe we aren’t that great after all, our dialogue sucks, the characters aren’t realistic, the MC has no personality… Give yourself a break! Ask anyone, and if they really know you they won’t hesitate to remind you how awesome you are. Trust me, you ARE awesome, don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t.


So I hope this was as inspirational to you as it was to me, and here’s a link to the song on youtube if you’re interested. Now get out there and write!!


~Mae (pretending to know what she’s talking about)


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