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teaser wednesday? February 4, 2010

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I missed teaser tuesday yesterday, but here I am today! Enjoy this first snippet of Save My Life!



I glared at my reflection. My hair needed to be cut, it hung in uneven clumps over thin shoulders. Straight as a stick and dark, almost black. Maybe it was black. It fell over my face, making it look even more gaunt. My nose was too small, my gray eyes too big, my skin too pale. My lips parted in a grimace, revealing braces. Disgusting train tracks over my teeth, chaining them in place. Yuck.


I wrestled my hair into a knot at the back of my head, wondering when I had started judging my appearance like this. Sure, I’d never considered myself beautiful, but I had never really thought I was ugly, either. I found the lip gloss Maryanne had given me under my bed and ran it over my lips. Better? Maybe.


The clock said I was running ten minutes late already, so I opened the closet and threw on the first thing my hands touched. A faded green skirt and a pink blouse that hardly matched, but I couldn’t be picky now. My sneakers were where I had left them, in a jumble by the door, and I grabbed them on my way out.


My socked feet sounded muffled on the wooden steps, which was good because Dad would not be happy if I woke him up before noon. When I reached the kitchen, I gulped down some orange juice while I tied my shoelaces before remembering my backpack, still in my room. I ran back up, mouth full of toast, and found my stuff. After tossing it all in my backpack I started towards the stairs again, hesitating by Dad’s door. Silence. Perfect.


I crammed the rest of the toast into my mouth and checked the clock again. So late, too late. I dumped my dished in the sink, hoping Dad wouldn’t be too angry. Without bothering to brush my teeth I raced out towards the bus stop. I could see the big yellow bus turning the corner, and I ran faster. Panting, I was the last one up the steps. I plopped down in the first empty seat I found, barely noticing who was next to me. I set my backpack by my feet and leaned back, closing my eyes. I was so sleepy.


3 Responses to “teaser wednesday?”

  1. Elusive Says:

    Great descriptions! :) <33

  2. bclement412 Says:

    Nice descriptions, especially with how she saw herself. Like her hair, her face, etc. Look forward to seeing more of this WIP!

  3. Glen Says:

    You always seem to impress me with your writing. Loved the description. Loved how she compared her braces to train tracks.

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