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tuesday is teaser day! January 27, 2010

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It’s that time of week again! Today I bring some old stuff, cause I’ve been slacking off in the writing department a bit. Anyway, enjoy!



I groaned as the bed shook slightly. Probably my mom trying to wake me before she left for work. Wiping my bleary eyes, I rolled over again and sat up. The first thing I saw was a pair of deep green eyes, staring at me from only a few inches away.


“Aaagh!” I screamed. I didn’t shout, I didn’t yell. I screamed.


Piper burst into hysterical laughter, literally rolling on the floor. Recovering from the scare she had given me, I rolled my eyes at her and looked around. I wasn’t in the hotel restaurant anymore, but in what was probably one of the rooms. The sun streamed in through a window behind Piper, with curtains tied out of the way. There was a small chest of drawers in one corner, and two doors that probably lead to the bathroom and the hallway. The carpet and wallpaper were pale colors and rather plain, unlike in the restaurant.


I pushed the thick quilt off of my legs and stood, stretching. Jeans were really uncomfortable to sleep in, though the mattress had more than made up for it. I sat back down on the bed, just to enjoy the feel of sinking into the softness. Piper was still giggling on the floor, and I nudged her with my socked foot. She sat up and managed to suppress her laughter.


“Oh man, that was great,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes again. “I don’t think even I can scream like that.”


“Whatever,” I said, but I felt heat creeping into my face. “How did I get here? I thought I fell asleep while we were eating.”


“You did,” Piper said, then smirked mischievously. “And you certainly ate a lot. You really don’t look as heavy as you are.”


I groaned, knowing my face was beet red by now. Laughing quietly to herself, Piper got to her feet. She reached into a corner and grabbed my sneakers, then tossed them to me.


“Hurry, I want to get going early.”


“Where are we going?” I asked, shoving my foot into my dusty shoe. I glanced back up at Piper and realized that she wasn’t wearing her tattered sundress anymore. Instead she had on a pink t-shirt, with faded jeans and a pair of purple high top sneakers. I felt a corner of my mouth twist upwards. “I’m no A-plus student, but I’m pretty sure that’s not historically accurate.”


Piper’s brow furrowed, and she looked down at her outfit. “Why are you so concerned with history here? There is no history. It’s my world. There’s only me, past, present, and future. Me, me, me, me–” Piper had been pacing back and forth as she talked, and now she halted between the two doors and turned back to me. A smile flickered over her features. “But now there’s you, too. Now you, Jeremy Simmons, are history.”


4 Responses to “tuesday is teaser day!”

  1. bclement412 Says:

    This is a fantastic line: ““Aaagh!” I screamed. I didn’t shout, I didn’t yell. I screamed.”

    Great dialogue too! And I love the name Piper :D

  2. Ooh, interesting. Is he actually back in time or in a world Piper’s dreamed up? I’m intrigued

  3. Vero Says:

    This is great! I read before during FNW and I still love it! I’m so curious about Piper’s world. There’s something kind of erie about it all.

  4. Glen Says:

    This is so wonderfully written. I enjoyed it a lot. You know what also, i actually laughed with Piper!

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