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Teaser Tuesday: 12-1-10 January 12, 2010

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Apparently today is teaser Tuesday, so I’m posting a snippet from Piper’s World. I chose the one that seemed most teaser-y, I hope you all like it! I love feedback, good or bad!


Two rows of boulders rose on either side of a small path, looking almost like a road and houses. I parked my car under the shade of a large tree a few yards away from the boulders, wondering how it had grown so much and survived in this dry environment. I followed Piper out and joined her in the “road” between the rows of boulders.

I walked down the path a few steps, with Piper tagging along behind. I paused and glanced around. Then I blinked.

In the millisecond my eyes were shut, everything changed. When I opened my eyes, I found myself looking at houses rather than rocks. They were old fashioned buildings that were falling apart. Clouds of dust blew past, and I was reminded of the ghost towns we had learned about in school. I looked past the two rows of houses and to the horizon that had been bare. Now an enormous cliff blocked the view. I craned my neck but still couldn’t see the top.

I spun to face Piper. She was grinning that smile of hers, showing off her teeth. She pointedly looked to her left, her right, then back at me.

“Welcome to my world.”


18 Responses to “Teaser Tuesday: 12-1-10”

  1. bclement412 Says:

    Wow, I could imagine everything perfectly in my head! Fantastic descriptions. :)

  2. Becca Says:

    Don’t know if that previous comment went through.. Sorry. I was signed in to OPWFT. Delete! Delete! lol

    Loved that last line! When you talked about the rocks changing into houses, and the ghost town, it was kinda creepy.

    P.S. – Welcome to TT!! ^.^

  3. Elusive Says:

    Ouu, I remember you posting a bit of this on TWFT! Very intriguing! :D

  4. Lia Victoria Says:

    Nice snippet, Mae, and I like the last line. Very, very interesting.

  5. CupofDice Says:

    I really like this, especially the last line (feel like I’ve said that all day :P ).

  6. Corrine Jackson Says:

    Welcome to Teaser Tuesday! Great tease with nice descriptions.

  7. krista ashe Says:

    Oh man, just your average snippet, and then it got very freaky! LOL. The last line is very eerie. I’ll be interested to see where you go with this!

  8. Kaitlin Says:

    Great description! I enjoyed it :)

  9. WOW! Very Nice. I love the descriptors and the creepiness! And welcome to TT :D

  10. Ink Says:

    Loved it in FNW and love it now. This WIP is so awesome, Mae :)

  11. Bee Says:

    Can I ask for more?
    Nice tease! :))

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