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snippets December 29, 2009

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While hanging out at the AW twifties’ thread, I realized I’ve never actually posted snippets of my WIPs here in my writing blog. So today I bring you part of the first chapter of “Gifted”, a fantasy, and part of “Phantom Pains and Ghost Towns”, which doesn’t really fall into any genre. Both are still on the first draft, so excuse the typos and such.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up one morning and discover you have superpowers?

Me either.

Until one day I woke up and smashed my alarm clock.

Okay, that was not actually the first chapter but more of a mini-prologue. I suppose it pretty much sums up the plot.

Phantom Pains and Ghost Towns

“Whatcha doing, Jer?” he asked, in that blunt way of his. Mr. Weldon had always been nosy, and he didn’t even bother hiding it by merely hinting at his questions. If he wanted to know what you were doing, he would ask what you were doing.

I scrambled for an answer. The first thing I could think of was, “I’m going camping.”

It wasn’t really a lie, I thought. I’d probably wind up camping somewhere, anyway. Mr. Weldon wasn’t satisfied, though. He heaved another giant bag of trash into the dumpster and wiped the back of his hand against his forehead, ruffling the wisps of white hair that still cling to his wrinkled skull.

“With your friends?” he asked. I grunted in response. Once again, I was not lying if I didn’t say anything. “I thought you had school.”

“Snow day,” I answered without thinking. Mr. Weldon stared up at the clear sky, then down at the bare ground. I mentally kicked myself, then tossed the blankets and my guitar into the back seat as I tried to recover. “The weather man said it’s coming for sure. Maybe even a blizzard.”

“A blizzard, eh?” Mr. Weldon asked doubtfully. I nervously watched his face as it shifted expressions. He shrugged and began walking back toward the front entrance of the building. “Blizzard. Go figure.”

Okay, that was a lot more cryptic than the snippet for Gifted. And longer.

But anyway, that’s my writing. Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell me what you think!



6 Responses to “snippets”

  1. bclement412 Says:

    Hi! I love this, especially the rhythm and flow of it, and I especially love your mini prologue. (I have one for my WIP too!)

  2. bazoooooka Says:

    The me either kind of confused me. And hold on, if there’s a blizzard, why is he going to let her go camping?

    Dialogue sounds good. It’s realistic. And the first snip is interesting. I like the last sentence of the first snip.

    • maenadwrites Says:

      “Me either” was the MC/POV assuming the reader said no, and agreeing that he hadn’t done it either. And there is no blizzard, the (other) MC is lying. You really need the rest of the context to understand, but it would be too long.

      Yay! I’m so glad it’s realistic, sometimes it’s hard to tell. And I’m also glad that my fake-hook works!

  3. Says:

    Ooh, I like your snips. They hint at awesome mysteries :D

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